TopFIND 3.0

  • 08/2015 Rat data was added to TopFIND, adding ~40,000 new proteins
  • 08/2015 TopFINDer output file has an additional column, indicating whether an N-terminus could be expected
  • 08/2015 TopFINDer now also shows the distance of N-termini to transit peptides
  • 08/2015 TopFINDer now has the Z=Q and B=N options, so it can map with Asx to Asn and Glx to Gln
  • 05/2015 Chromosome information has been updated in TopFIND. It now corresponds to the information in SwissProt.
  • 05/2015 TopFINDer now has the I=L option, not distinguishing between Leu and Ile, similar to mass spectrometry analysis tools.
  • 05/2015 Protein names have been updated
  • 02/2015 Labels for TopFINDer analyses were added
  • 01/2015 TopFIND 3.0 is published with TopFINDer and PathFINDer.

TopFIND 2.0

TopFIND 1.0